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About Us

How ODYSEA Discovered A Simpler Way

We’ve engineered A Simpler Way to coat and insulate pipes using the power of Proxxima™.

In 2013, Shell was searching for solutions to meet the high-temperature, high-pressure needs of the Appomattox field along with other opportunities in the Norphlet Trend within the Gulf of Mexico. The Bayou Companies (ODYSEA’S parent company) identified Proxxima1 as a technological breakthrough that could meet the demanding criteria for this offshore challenge. This brought about an intense effort combining some of the best materials scientists, subsea engineering teams, and offshore installers in the world. With that team in place, every piece of the process — material, application, equipment, and subsea installation method —was developed, tested, and validated. Over 2,000 double-jointed pipes were coated at ODYSEA’S Gulf of Mexico facilities utilizing a consistent molding process. Ultimately, Hereema successfully completed the offshore campaign utilizing the Balder vessel and Appomattox hit first oil ahead of schedule in 2020. This first-of-its-kind project taught us two key lessons:

  1. Proxxima is an ideal material for subsea applications use with the capability of replacing every other subsea performance material in the marketplace.
  2. Molding is an infinitely superior approach to coating due to the high reliability of the process. As each pipe is molded individually, it is inspected for the highest level of quality. Molding does not subject deepwater projects to the high variability and high risk of an extrusion-based, multi-layered process, which requires numerous industrial and chemical processes to work repeatedly and in-sync on the dozens of pipes in a single batch.

We incorporated these learnings into our philosophy at ODYSEA with the belief in A Simpler Way.

1Proxxima™ is a breakthrough resin technology developed by our exclusive partner ExxonMobil of Pasadena, California.


Our team is ready to help you discover the simpler way of single-layer pipeline insulation.