The Just-right Solution for Pipeline Coating and Thermal Insulation

ODYSEA provides single-layer thermal insulation coatings for subsea pipelines and associated equipment. The subsea environment is incredibly harsh. The combination of corrosion potential, heat loss and the risk of waxes and hydrates forming in the line limit the types of materials that can be used as external pipeline coatings. Combine these factors with the challenges of subsea operations and installation and it is no wonder that even materials used today are not ideal. ODYSEA, along with its partners, have been working on these challenges with a focus on innovative deepwater solutions and are excited to deploy GDLXTM.


GDLXTM, pronounced ‘Goldilocks,’ is our groundbreaking thermal insulation pipe coating that replaces the typical multi-layering application process with a single layer. That means less downtime, safer and easier application and increased productivity from coating to installation for your subsea infrastructure.


GDLX™ utilizes industry-leading technology that is infinitely water-stable with extremely low water uptake and high-temperature capabilities. Proxxima™ resins, the key material in GDLX, is the only proven and fully qualified high-temperature subsea insulator. Proxxima is a norbornene thermoset resin with no depth limitation nor chemical susceptibility to seawater. Due to its uniformity, it can be used in tighter specifications with consistent tolerances. With its wider temperature range both in installation and operation, EPCIs can employ the optimal solution for their project parameters, such as water depth, maximum operating temperature and installation method.


Via a simple flow process, we eliminate the industrial and chemical complexity that typical multi-layered insulation require to be successful. By removing unnecessary steps, we reduce potential failure points and can execute projects three to five times faster. The installation process for GDLX™ involves a low-pressure molded reaction with our proprietary subsea thermal coating material.


GDLX™ field joints eliminate many of the industry risks associated with having dissimilar material between line pipe and field joint. The same resin utilized for the line pipe is also used for the field joint, reducing material stress. This material has low shrinkage reducing initial stress build-up and adhesion properties that are two to four times stronger than industry standards. Finally, the elimination of quenching / half-shells improves both cycle times and safety during the field jointing process.


GDLX™ can also be utilized for coating subsea production structures. The material can be easily molded around complex geometries and in thick castings. Complex substrates including flanges with bolts are not a problem.


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